a la carte Pricing


Inquiries must include the following:


    ( High Resolution images )

Mock Up and/or Placements

    ( front, back, sleeve ,etc. )

How many pieces of apparel

    ( Minimum order of 24 pcs )

Type of apparel

    ( t-shirt, hoodies, pants, etc. )


Prices May vary. 24 pcs minimum. 

Order can be mixed and matched between Embroidery and Screen Printing. 

Embroidery artwork 

For each new embroidery artwork we receive for an order, a digitized stitch count is required.  There is A $40 fee per art work. Then a price is given per each apparel item based off how many colors the artwork has, Each Color change is $2.

Color change Ex. 12 Pieces are red embroidery other 12 pieces are Blue, will be an additional $2 

- $40 Embroidery Stitch Count 

( one time fee per new design )

- $2 Color change 


Screen Printing artwork

For each new artwork no matter how many colors, there is a $50 artwork fee to digitized the artwork. There is also a pricing for screens which depends on how many colors within the artwork. $25 is for the production setup of the machines.

- $50 art work fee

( one time fee per new design ) 

- $25 Screens

( screens = # of colors ) 

- $25 set up fee 

Set up fee per order ) 


Apparel w/artwork

We offer a catalogue in-store with various items to purchase from. Below are these most common items customers purchased and the starting price with artwork ( embroidery or screen printing ) included.  

t-shirts w/ artwork

 Starts @ $12 ( we supply apparel)

 Starts @ $7  ( you supply apparel)

hoodies w/ artwork

 Starts @ $34 ( we supply apparel)

 Starts @ $24 ( you supply apparel)