Please note KDF will be temporarily closed July 5th - July 11th and will reopen July 12. 
June 25th is the last date to place an order. 

Screen Printing

24 pieces  minimum 

Artwork fee's begin at $50


$25 per Screen 


$10 set-up per design 

Screen printing is most commonly used to create vibrant images and text on flat and smooth items. Examples include t-shirts, hoodies, ​short or pant legs, etc. 

Designs may be subject to additional graphic design fee's if they are too low quality or need to be resized for printing. Please avoid low quality .jpeg/.png and when possible share .PSD files instead. 

If you supply items:

$7+ per T-Shirt 

 $24+ per Hoodie

If we supply items :

$12+ per T-Shirt 

 $34+ per Hoodie


24 pieces  minimum 

Digitization fee's begin at $50


$2 per color change 


Embroidery creates a long-lasting design on various types of apparel and accessories including shirts, hats, tote bags, shorts, pants and much more. 

If you supply items:

Orders begin at $24 per item

If we supply items:

Orders begin at $34 per item

What is the turn-around time for minimum orders? 

Minimum orders of 24 pieces process within 5-7 business days. Orders with additional graphic design services or specialty ink will process within 10-14 business days. If items requested are not in stock, an additional 3-5 business days will be added to an order. Every order no matter the circumstance is filled within 14 business days. 

Corporate or Company pricing?

Please contact us at

for contract work, school, church or other large orders 100 pieces or more. 

Requesting a sample

In order to produce a sample of your order, pre-production fee's must be paid in full. Pre-production fees include artwork, set-up and screen. Please request a quote for final pricing.